Hair Removal : A Gift For You: Treat Your Skin This Christmas

There is nothing worse than giving up time to pamper yourself and realizing your legs could do with a waxing while you’re at it.

Make sure your skin is feeling smooth and soft well into the New Year by firstly, exfoliating. This will remove any dead skin cells you have on the surface and ensure you’re going to get the best wax possible.

Apply Veet® EasyGrip™ Ready-to-Use Wax Strips to your legs one section at a time, in accordance with the instructions on the box. It includes vitamin E and Almond Oil, which is perfect for sensitive skin!

Take a bath

How could we pull together pampering DIY tips without including a bath?

So, take a little time out this year. We promise, you’ll be glad you did it when the chaos of Christmas morning swings around.