Hair Removal : Choosing the Eyebrow Shape for You

Eyebrows are one of the most undervalued parts of the body, as they are an essential part of conveying emotion, and of making you who you are. Whether you’re blessed with thick and bushy, or small and neat eyebrows to style, you can make sure that the shape you choose is perfectly tailored to your face.

We’ve broken down the five categories of face shape and detailed the best way to complement each one with a well-groomed pair of eyebrows. We’ve also included a few names of famous faces for each shape for you to use as your brow idols, and some instructions on how you can live up to your full brow potential with Veet®.


The long face shape just radiates elegance. When shaping the brows to suit this shape, the goal is to avoid making it look even longer than it is. This can be achieved with thick, flat, horizontal brows. These break up the face, and prevent the eye from wandering up and down.

Brow Idols

Jennifer Connelly
Jessica Brown Findlay


A squarer jaw is a striking feature, reminiscent of classic Hollywood beauty. The thing to keep in mind however, is that because of its strength it can sometimes draw focus. Either balance this with a thick strong brow, or soften it with gentle curves.

Brow Idols

Keira Knightley
Marilyn Monroe
Sophia Loren


This face shape is made up soft lines, and as such can often look very sensual. Because of this it was often idealized in classical paintings. The ideal eyebrow shape is a soft angled arch, to contrast and complement the curves.

Brow Idols

Lily Collins
Megan Fox
Maria Callas


This face shape is often seen as being the cutest, but beauties such as Grace Kelly have proved that this can also as striking as any other shape. A thick shallow curve of a brow contrasts the angles of the jaw, and softens the effect.

Brow Idols

Halle Berry
Carey Mulligan
Grace Kelly


The diamond face shape can often give its owner an exotic air, and has been gifted to some of the most striking beauties in history. Because the brow is on the widest part of the face with this shape, it can be broken up with soft curves up and down, which also softens the angles.

Brow Idols

Emma Watson
Lauren Bacall
Jessica Alba

How to Get the Look

There are many ways to tame your brows for people with different budgets and pain thresholds! The most convenient option for facial hair removal at home, with minimum fuss and easiest upkeep, is to use a wax such as the Veet® High Precision Facial Wax. This can be applied carefully to the area, to ensure that you only remove the hairs that you want to, then with just one pull you’re closer to having your perfect brows!