Hair Removal : How to Remove Hair with Minimal Pain

Waxing can be a source of pain that people come to dread, leading them to turn to the razor and lose all the benefits they’ve built up by waxing. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as hundreds of years of hair removal experience have found a wealth of ways to remove hair with a minimal amount of pain. We’re glad to share them with you here!

Time It Right

There are two things to consider with regards to timing your wax: whether your hairs are at the right length, and where you are in your monthly cycle. If your hairs are too short then the wax won’t have enough to grip onto and will pull the skin but not the hairs. Also, your pain threshold is at its highest just after your period, and at its lowest immediately before, so make sure you time your routine accordingly!

Prepare Yourself

Wax not only pulls out the hairs, but pulls off any dead layers of skin left in the area, so it’s a good idea to exfoliate about 24 hours before you wax. Right before you wax, consider taking a nice warm bath to open up your pores and follicles. Make sure that your skin is completely dry before you try to wax, as the water can affect how well the wax will work.

Perfect the Technique

While waxing, it’s important to remember to breathe. Our natural reaction to pain is to sharply inhale, so it’s good to take a cue from our own bodies! Pull the skin taut to give the hairs a smooth exit, and take a deep breath in as you apply the wax. Veet® Wax Strips have Easy Grip tabs to make the removal as quick and easy as possible, so grab the tab and pull against the direction of the hair whilst exhaling.

Look after Yourself

After waxing your skin will be sensitive, so you shouldn’t do anything to further irritate it, such as exfoliating. Waxing itself acts as a great exfoliant, so you shouldn’t need to anyway! Further to this, you should also avoid heat and strong deodorants.

Alternatively, you could try a different, less invasive hair removal solution called Depilatory Cream. This method works by dissolving the hairs at the roots, allowing them to be simply washed off with the cream. The effects don’t last quite as long as waxing, but for those with very low pain thresholds this can be a great alternative.

So follow these steps to get the body you deserve, with minimal discomfort!