Hair Removal : Roll-On Kits for Home Waxing

Waxing used to mean one of two things: an expensive trip to the salon, or a wild experiment that could feature one or more of the following: a microwave, hot wax, a saucepan, hope, tears, and human sacrifice. Luckily these practices are something out of the past, thanks to devices such as the Easywax™ Electrical Roll-On Kit. This all-in-one device automatically heats the wax, and also works as the applicator to make for smooth, even coverage.

The Advantages

This method of hair removal is a form of epilation, which involves removing hair at the root rather than just cutting off the visible portion above the skin. After epilation it takes the hairs up to four weeks to make themselves known again (as opposed to 2-3 days after shaving), and when they do come back you should notice that they’re finer, which keeps your skin softer and smoother for longer. The act of pulling the hair root out can also cause hair growth to weaken over time.

How To Use

To use the Easywax Roll-On Kit, you just have to put the wax refill into the device, plug it into the socket (so no expensive batteries), and leave it for about twenty minutes until the wax has melted. You then roll it onto the areas that you wish to remove the hair from; the wax cartridge has a roller head to ensure that the wax comes out in a smooth and even layer. If you’re tackling underarm hair or your bikini zone, you can use specific refills with specially designed heads for further ease and comfort. You then take the provided fabric strip and push it down onto the wax and leave it for a few seconds before pulling it off in a fluid motion against the direction of hair growth. Use the provided perfect finish wipes to get rid of any excess wax, although if you’ve run out of these you can use baby oil and a cotton swab. If any individual hairs somehow managed to escape, these can be plucked out carefully. Make sure you don’t wax the same area twice.


For the best results, it helps to exfoliate the day before, then immediately before waxing wash the area with warm water and dry it carefully. This removes some of the oils on your skin that can interfere with the wax, and also helps open up your pores so the hair comes out much easier. Waxing comes with a reduced risk of ingrown hairs, but they are still a possibility, so it’s recommended that you avoid wearing tight clothes over the waxed areas for a day or two.