Hair Removal : What’s in Your Cosmetics Case?

A good cosmetics case can be an invaluable asset for your bathroom, vanity table, or even just your handbag. From head to toe, there are countless beauty accessories to include to achieve optimal skin care. If you’re assessing your beauty essentials, here are a few tips on what you could include, and how to choose a cosmetics case that could be your beauty buddy for life!

Form and Function

Whether you’re looking for a treasure-trove for your beauty products, or a travel sized companion, there are a few handy ways to choose the right cosmetics case. Make-up and creams can sometimes leave marks and residue over time, so it’s a good idea to find a case that’s easy to clean. Wipe-clean fabrics such as oil-cloth can be a great option, with the added bonus of being water resistant. Separate compartments are also a bonus, helping you to stay organized. It’s also a good idea to find a case with a sturdy handle, that’s easy to carry - you never know when you might need to dash out the door with your beauty bag in tow. Lastly, a case with its own mirror could be a life-saver when you’re on the go.

Makeup your Mind

Having a separate compartment for your make-up can be very useful. Essentials could include foundation, powder, lip balm and mascara. Make-up removal wipes can be a great addition, if you want to be fresh-faced before you get your beauty sleep.

Nails, Nails, Nails!

Whether you sport a powerful array of colourful talons, or simply like to keep things trim and neat, there are a number of nail essentials that can be great to have on standby. A simple nail clipper, a file and a buffer are a great place to start. You could also keep a couple of your favourite colours and some top coat on hand for touch ups. For an all-around kit, you could also include a bottle of nail polish remover and some cotton buds. However, be sure to keep any products containing harsh chemicals packed separately from make-up and other products for your face.

The Hair Necessities

If you like to keep your cosmetics case ready for a last minute get away, it’s a good idea to include some hair removal essentials. Cold wax strips can be a great addition to your travel case, as they are small and flat to pack, don’t contain any liquids (great for hand luggage), and are relatively light compared to other cosmetic products. Veet® Wax Strips with EasyGrip™ can even be used on the bikini line, so you could be ready to hit the beach soon after checking into your hotel. For a little extra TLC, they also include four Perfect Finish Wipes for smooth results. Throw in a pair of tweezers to tackle brows and any loose hairs, and you’re ready to go!

Brush up on Brushes

A good set of brushes is an important part of any beauty arsenal. Some cosmetics cases will even have an individual holster for each brush. For hygiene reasons, it’s important to protect your brushes from any residue that may build up in your cosmetic case. Examine your brushes regularly for build-up. You may need to replace these every so often, or give them a wash using mild shampoo and lukewarm water. You can also follow a similar cleaning routine for your hairbrush, to prevent any rogue bacteria from making a home.

A Little Something for your Skin.

With a long list of beauty regimes, it’s important to keep your skin happy and healthy. Make-up can sometimes clog your pores, while over washing can rid your skin of essential oils and minerals. A good quality moisturizer is great to rehydrate your skin after removing your make-up. It can also sooth any redness experienced after a waxing session, giving you a smooth finish.

There you have it; a handful of essentials to make up a great cosmetics case. Of course, everyone has their own must-haves when it comes to beauty. Is there something missing from your cosmetics case? Is there anything you’d add to the list above?