Introducing Veet Wax Strips With Easy-GelWax™ Technology

Hair removal is a big part of many women’s (and men’s) personal beauty regimes. Whether it’s for aesthetic, practical or comfort reasons, hair removal is a process that lots of us are familiar with and we all have our own preference about which method works best for us. Factors such as sensitive skin and busy lifestyles can play a part in which hair removal method we opt for, but what options are out there?

Using depilatory cream is great for removing hair in those harder to reach places, such as the underarms. Depilatory cream is popular because it works by dissolving the hair rather than pulling it out. This means that hair removal cream is one of the painless hair removal techniques and will leave you stubble free for a couple of days.

Some people might prefer to shave with a razor. However, with shaving, there is the risk of cutting or nicking yourself.

Waxing is one of the more popular hair removal techniques. If you are strapped for time, our new cold wax strips are a very popular option because they are really easy to do yourself at home, and will still leave you with silky smooth legs.

So what are the benefits of using wax strips?

  • Wax strips pull the hair out straight from the root, meaning the hair will take much longer to grow back. This method will leave your skin silky smooth for up to 28 days.
  • Veet wax strips are effective on hair as short as 1.5mm, so you don’t have to wait long between waxes.
  • Wax strips are convenient to use at home and will leave your bathroom mess free afterwards. You simply remove the hair and then throw both the wax strip and the hair straight into the trash.
  • With wax strips, you are able to cover large areas at a time, making it an efficient hair removal technique.

Veet Easy-Gelwax™ makes hair removal even easier and more convenient for you! Our new formula flows around the hairs, gripping on to only them and not the skin. This means that when you remove the strips, you are left with the coveted silky smoothness for up to 28 days. Veet Easy-Gelwax™ strips are also super easy to separate. Unlike traditional wax strips, they do not need to be warmed up between your hands- you can just take them out of the packet and peel them apart straight away!

We’re sure that you will love our new Veet Easy-Gelwax cold wax strips, so try it for yourself and enjoy the benefits of silky soft skin!