Veet® Face Precision Wax Care, Precision Wax & Aftercare Cream' - 1 X 5mL & 1 X 10mL

  • Precision Wax contains Almond Oil.
  • Aftercare Cream contains Aloe Vera.
  • Leaves skin perfectly smooth and moisturized.
  • Good for up to 20 uses.
  • Includes Precision Wax, Aftercare Cream, applicator tip, and 20 re-useable strips.

Enjoy precision hair removal with Veet® Face Precision Wax & Care. Easy to use, it’s designed for women seeking hair-removal perfection for eyebrows, upper lip and chin. Once you have determined the shape you want, apply the wax carefully so that you only remove the hairs you want to. Use the precision stick for areas that are more detailed or complicated. Then efficiently remove the wax and apply the unique aftercare cream to leave your skin feeling smooth and beautiful!