Épilation : Choisir la forme de sourcil adaptée à son visage

The eyebrows are often too little considered when talking about the face, they nevertheless play a key role in the transmission of emotions and are part of your personality. It can be difficult to determine what eyebrow shape is best suited to your face. However, the obtaining of thick eyebrows or eyebrows fine and well-ordered, it is possible to ensure that their form is suitable to that of your face. We will detail below 5 face shape categories and shows the shape of their eyebrows which is the most suitable in general. We also added for each type of celebrity names as examples so you can easily identify, and some tips to get perfect eyebrows with Veet®.


The face length is very elegant. When you define the contour of your eyebrows, do not make them longer than they are already. For this face shape, you will need thick eyebrows, flat and horizontal. This will determine the length of the face.


Jennifer Connelly
Jessica Brown Findlay


A square jaw is a particular trait reminiscent of classic Hollywood standards of beauty. It must still keep in mind that this is a strong trait that attracts attention, so trim this face shape with thick eyebrows and uttered or soften the look with soft curves.


Keira Knightley
Marilyn Monroe
Sophia Loren

Oval / Round

This face shape is made of very soft features and can give an impression of sensuality. As a result, she was often idealized painting. For this type of face, choose a form of arched eyebrow with a soft angle to contrast and compliment your curves.


Lily Collins
Megan Fox
Maria Callas


This face shape is often referred to as the cutest, but beautiful women like Grace Kelly proved that this form could have as much charm as the others. Thick eyebrows shaped slight curve will be perfect for this type of face, they will contrast with the jaw and soften the features.


Halle Berry
Carey Mulligan
Grace Kelly


The diamond shaped face often gives the owner an exotic air. Some of the most beautiful women in history have this type of face. Because of this shape, eyebrows are on the widest part of the face, it is best to give them the shape of a gentle curve down then up to round the corners of the face.


Emma Watson
Lauren Bacall
Jessica Alba

How to get the desired shape brows?

There are several ways to discipline your eyebrows according to your budget and your pain tolerance. The most convenient way to remove hair facial hair at home is to use wax like Veet ® Wax Precision Face & Care. It can be applied with great precision on the area to be treated so as to remove only the hairs that you want removed, pull the tape and you'll be close to perfect eyebrows!