Épilation : Guide pratique de l’épilation pour débutant

Waxing can be a really painful experience! There are many hair removal methods, almost as much as hair tweezers, but most traditional methods can be classified into three categories: shaving, depilatory creams and waxing. Knowing that the best method is always the one that suits you best. Each person is different, so there are different ways to proceed. In this guide, we give you an overview of each to help you discover which is right for you.


This is the most popular method of hair removal. Shaving is to move a cutting blade on the area to be treated so as to remove the hair by cutting as close to the skin (it only removes the part of the hair which can be seen with the naked eye). Inevitably, the fact of placing a knife on the skin causes small cuts and scratches, even if you do not see them. They can cause an irritated skin if it is frequently shaved or even redness also known as "razor burn".


Depilatory cream may seem like a recent invention, but in reality women were already using variants of it to get rid of hair there are more than 5,000 years. The very first creams were made ​​from fairly reassuring ingredients like lime or arsenic! Fortunately much progress has been made ​​since! The Veet® depilatory cream  dissolves the hair just at the surface of the skin so that it comes off easily. This method will get rid of hair for four days, that is to say longer compared to shaving.


The waxing is a method that is probably longer than you think. It was practiced by the Egyptians who first used a mixture of sugar and lemon resin to form a sticky substance both resistant and malleable to remove hair. The waxing removes hair at the root. With this method, the hair takes longer to grow back, it takes up to four weeks.

Some methods may seem faster or simple first, but in practice it may be necessary to repeat more often or having to bear irritated skin because of them. As with any subject, it is necessary to learn, to try and perhaps to go wrong before choosing the hair removal method that suits you best. Whatever method you opt for, there is no reason why you do not have nice smooth legs.