Épilation : Pourquoi choisir l’épilation à la cire plutôt que l’épilation au rasoir ?

If you use a razor since always, there is a good chance that this method may seem to you best. Yet there are real benefits to test others. The waxing can take a bit longer but having to make the operation much less frequently can save you time and money in the long run. We will present here the benefits of waxing and why prefer to shaving.

  1. Depilated hair wax are softer regrowth (as shaved hairs).
    Indeed, the bristles are removed to the root rather than simply cut. + By avoiding shaving you will have a sensation of smooth legs for longer.

  2. The hairs plucked wax repel finer with time.
    It is said that waxing is pushing hardest hair, it's actually a legend. If that were true, we would see many more men with the beautician waxing the top of the head with wax! This myth probably comes from the fact that the waxing pulls hair also very short, after some time all the hair can be on the same cycle grows. It's a good thing because it allows you to be sure to have them all every time! With this method of hair removal, the hair at the root are weakened and therefore repel thinner over time.

The best method of hair removal is always the one that suits you best. The body of each person reacts differently to each treatment, so we advise you to try several methods before choosing a final. Weigh the pros and cons, consider each factor and try Veet® products to have a good overview of the different possibilities. Beautiful smooth legs are at hand.