Épilation : Qu’est-ce qu’une crème dépilatoire et comment fonctionne-t-elle?

A cream that can remove hair without requiring precision razor and without having to bite the bullet when hard hairs with wax, it seems too good to be true. However, it really exists, after years of development through scientific studies, depilatory creams are nowadays a fast, convenient and secure way to remove unwanted hair while staying at home.

How depilatory creams operate is as follows: they destroy the keratin structure of the hair protein. They effectively dissolve the base of the hair to the point that the hair is sufficiently low to be removed together with the cream. Generally, depilatory creams contain alkaline chemicals specially formulated to destroy these proteins while remaining safe for the skin. Each skin is unique and obviously has its own level of sensitivity, so it is important to choose a cream for your skin and test it on a small area of ​​the front spread over a large area of ​​skin.

Using a depilatory cream rather than shave to remove your hair provides some advantages.

Smooth skin for longer

The depilatory cream dissolves the hair just at the surface of the skin, unlike the razor cuts the hair just above the level of the skin. This means that you should not appear goodbye hair for longer, about 4 days.

Softer and finer hairs

With the razor, you cut your hair, leaving their square-shaped ends. The dissolving hair leaves their ends spindle-shaped, which is softer to the touch. Over time, you notice that your hair will grow back thinner than before - obviously not as fine with a waxing but still visibly thinner.

Quick and painless

This is probably the most important and most obvious advantage of the depilatory cream. The method is very simple and can be performed under the shower or just before, and requires little or no effort. Because you do not need to use blades, pain is minimized and completely red dots caused by shaving can pass into oblivion.

If you are looking for a quick and painless hair removal that aside leaves no hair and refines over time, then the depilatory cream is for you. Forget the razor and discover the benefits for yourself!