Épilation : Quelle sont les différences entre la cire chaude et la cire froide?

There are two types of waxing: depilation with hot wax and hair removal cold wax. The difference between the two is easily explained through their names, both using the same substances but two distinct techniques.

Hot wax

This type of hair removal is very often used in beauty salons and involves heating the wax so it can be spread on the skin and wait until it dries simultaneously imprisoning hair. For this method to be expected that the wax has solidified to pull the wax at once, or a cloth or paper strip is used applied to the wax that also takes in order to remove hair at the same time.

Cold wax

Cold wax works much in the same manner, except that the amount of wax to be used is generally pre-measured on ready bands. It is a good solution if you pluck you home since it did not need to be heated. You'll only have to rub the wax with your hands so that your body temperature the door at exactly the temperature needed for it to cling to the hair and tear when removed.


Hot wax


Cold wax

Heat can make more pleasant hair removal and dilates the pores so that the bristles can be removed with less resistance.



It can be used anywhere when you need it - no need to take or microwave.

You can decide the size of your wax strip and make him a suitable shape depending on the area of ​​the body.



The duration of depilation is much shorter.

Hot wax can perfectly be used at home, no need to travel to institute.


This is a very effective method with little waste in the end.



Hot wax


Cold wax

Takes practice and technique to be used properly.



If the bands are not used correctly, red bumps may appear and ingrown hairs.


If you use a microwave to warm wax, a little practice is needed before getting the perfect temperature.



Not suitable for very short hairs.


Hair removal with hot wax in a salon can be very expensive.


You may need to use a lot of wax strips for hair removal on large areas.


As you can see, many factors come into consideration when it comes to find the method that suits you best. Whether you choose hot wax or cold wax, Veet will always have a solution for you.

Hot wax used to be a method of hair removal rather reserved for institutions because the device to heat the wax is expensive and heat the wax in the oven can be dangerous and require post depilation cleaning. To overcome these problems, created the Veet® Veet Roll-On EasyWax power. The machine automatically heats the wax in your place, you will simply insert the wax cartridge and plug it in, wait 20 minutes until the wax becomes liquid and apply on the area to be treated of your choice. Then place the strips of tissue supplied with the wax using hand and remove them with a sharp blow to pluck hairs at the same time! This method produces perfect results while staying at home and making little effort.

You understood, no matter your preference, you can always count on Veet ® to make your choice of waxing as painless as possible.