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    Why Choose Wax over Razors?

    Thinking back, your first hair removal experience was probably with a razor, and you’ve probably continued to use razors regularly since then. No hard feelings from our end.

    Things to do or avoid after a wax

    Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal techniques and while the results of the treatment usually leave us with what we want – smooth, hair free skin – we have to look after those areas properly to avoid any possible discomfort, red bumps or even infection.

    Hair Removal At Home

    Everyone has body hair, and the choice to remove it belongs to the individual. For those who choose to remove body hair, it becomes clear that unwanted hair can be a costly and sometimes embarrassing experience.

    Are Depilatory Creams Suitable for Everyone?

    Depilatory creams are a fantastic option for quick and painless hair removal without even having to step out of the shower!


    Let’s face it. Removing hair from our bodies seems like a never-ending chore, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled a list of some common myths and truths about hair removal so you can get the facts straight and choose a product that works for you.

    Top Tips for Smooth Legs

    In the summer months, most of us feel more confident with smooth legs. Having hair free legs is one thing, but keeping them smooth and hydrated after hair removal is another job altogether.

    Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin

    Many women live with sensitive skin. It can affect everyday decisions in life, from what clothes we wear, to what kind of shower gel we choose. The same goes for choosing the right hair removal method.

    How to remove hair with minimal pain

    Contrary to popular belief, hair removal at home doesn’t have to be painful! Veet products make it easy and comfortable to achieve perfectly smooth skin.

    Best techniques for underarm & armpit hair removal

    Underarm and armpit hair removal doesn’t have to be as painful as you think. Try these simple tips and Veet products to make things as comfortable as possible!

    How to correctly remove hair from a bikini line

    Struggling with unwanted hair around your bikini line? Veet products make home hair removal easy, so you can keep your skin looking its absolute best.

    How to create Salon-perfect smooth skin with Veet

    Want to recreate the experience + results of a professional treatment at home? Try these simple tricks for that super smooth feel, and save money in the process!

    Facial Hair Removal

    Looking for the best facial hair removal solutions? Find out how Veet® products can help you face the world with confidence.

    What are Depilatory Creams and How do they Work?

    Searching for an easy hair removal solution? Depilatory creams are an effective at-home alternative to waxing or shaving — and we’ll tell you exactly how they work.

    Winter - Do you Follow the Same Routine as Summer?

    When the warm clothes come out, it’s tempting to ignore your hair removal regimen — but there are some important pros and cons to consider first.

    My Sunday Night Routine

    For many of us, Sunday is a great day. It is a day to get re-energized and revitalized for the upcoming work or school week.

    5 ways To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

    If you have ever had ingrown hair, you know how much they suck - no matter where they are. If you are unfamiliar, ingrown hairs are those that have curled and grown back into the skin.

    DIY Eyebrows - Choosing the Perfect Shape for Your Face

    Aside from keeping debris like sweat and water from falling into our eye socket, eyebrows actually play an incredibly important role when it comes to human connection. Imagine trying to convey a facial expression without eyebrows — it’d be weird!

    Prepping For Hair Removal

    No matter what method of hair removal you prefer, prepping beforehand can help make the process much easier, results last longer and prevent ingrown hairs! With so many methods to choose from, we’ve put together a handful of tips for each of the major choices.

    Myths and Truths about Veet Hair Removal: MYTHS

    When it comes to hair removal, there is a lot of information out there. We all know how difficult it can be to find accurate information on the internet these days, so we have made it easy for you.

    Myths and Truths about Veet hair removal: TRUTHS

    When it comes to hair removal, there is a lot of information out there. We all know how difficult it can be to find accurate information on the internet these days, so we’ve made it easy for you.

    Ways to remove unwanted Facial Hair Removal

    Hair growth is completely normal. And yes, even on your face. Depending on your preference however, you may opt to remove the hair on your face.

    Hot Wax vs Wax Strips, Which is Better For You?

    Waxing is one of the most commonly known methods of hair removal. While not as painless as other methods, waxing with Veet offers much longer results in comparison, allows for up to 4 weeks of smoothness.

    Get to Know the Types of Hair on Your Body

    We spend a lot of time thinking about our hair - the best way to style it, how to keep it healthy, and how to remove unwanted hair. But have you ever thought about where your body hair comes from?

    Why is everyone’s hair different?

    Have you ever wondered why everyone’s hair is different and what causes these differences? From thick, curly hair to thinner, straight hair, there’s lots of factors that determine why our hair grows the way it does, and still a lot of variables that researchers are always looking into to get a better understanding of our hair!

    Tips for Preventing Ingrown Hairs

    Have you experienced skin irritation after hair removal? Methods like shaving, while convenient, easy, and painless (if done right), can unfortunately cause redness, rashes, or perhaps worst of all - painful ingrown hairs.

    Facial hair removal: Waxing with precision

    Hair grows everywhere on our bodies, and each person’s relationship with their body hair is different! Facial hair is completely normal, and while some women may choose to sport a natural look, others may be wondering how best to maintain or remove unwanted hair from their face.