5 Tips On Getting Ready For Summer

5 Tips On Getting Ready For Summer

5 Tips For Summer

5 Tips on Getting Ready for Summer

As the countdown begins for sunnier skies and warmer weather, it’s time to pack up your coats, sweaters, and rainboots to make space for your summer wardrobe. Hotter days means ample opportunity to rock your favourite summer looks and show off silky smooth skin! Looking for some tips on how to get your skin looking its best this summer? Check out our 5 tips on getting ready for summer below!

1. Hydrate

Regularly drinking water is essential in keeping your body functioning well. If you’re dehydrated, your skin will dry out as well. Help keep your skin moisturized by staying hydrated[1]!

It’s recommended that adults in general should drink six or eight 250 mL (8 fl oz) glasses of water a day[2] to help your body flush out any toxins[3] and hydrate your skin.

2. Exfoliate

Use an exfoliation glove to exfoliate your skin and remove any dead skin cells. A regular exfoliation routine (no more than once a week) will help leave you with soft skin and can even help you achieve a smooth and even tan[4]. Don’t over-exfoliate, though, and be sure to apply sunscreen before and during exposure to the sun.

As soon as you come out of the shower, use a good moisturizer to lock in moisture. You’ll be glowing in no time!

3. Hair Removal

If a part of rocking your summer body includes showing off hairless, smooth skin, you should start your hair removal routine a few days before baring it all with your summer wardrobe. This should leave your skin with enough time to settle and any redness to calm down, without leaving it for too long so that the hair starts growing back too soon.

Waxing can be a great option because it removes hairs straight at the root, meaning that the hair will take longer to grow back than if you used other hair removal methods like shaving[5]. Veet® offers a wide range of waxes* for different areas of your body to help you achieve your ideal summer look!

Looking for a more painless hair removal option? If you have sensitive skin or feel that waxing isn’t right for you, Veet® also offers a range of depilatory creams* to help remove unwanted hair. Simply apply the cream, wait for the required length of time, and then wash it off - easy! Be sure to always read the label beforehand and use as instructed.

Whichever you choose, remember to do a patch test 24 hours prior and follow the instructions on the pack to avoid any unexpected allergic reaction. By the end, you’ll have silky smooth skin you’ll be excited to show off!

4. Sunscreen

Taking those extra steps to ensure your skin has ample sun protection might feel a bit tedious, but it’s an important part of getting ready for summer, along with any time of the year!

Invest in a good sunscreen and generously apply 15 minutes before going outside to give it time to absorb into your skin[6]. Don’t forget that sun protection is also needed for your face! Look for foundations and moisturizers that have a good amount of SPF to protect your face while you’re out in the sunshine.

5. Final Pre-Pamper

Now that the initial prep for getting ready for summer is done, all that’s left to do is unwind and get excited for your summer activities! The night before a beach day or park hang, why not treat yourself to a final pre-pamper with your favourite self care routines? Ours includes a nice soak in the bath with our favourite tunes for the ultimate relaxing night.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow product label.

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