Tips and Tricks to help you set your own standard with Veet®


Tips For Coarse Hair
Myths Vs Truths
Winter Routine
Why Is Everyone S Hair Different
Why Choose Wax over Razors
Which Veet Product Is Right For Me
What Is Sugar Waxing
The Different Bikini Wax Styles
What Are Depilatory Creams And How Do They Work
Ways To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair
Waxing Essentials To Pack For A Summer Trip
Top Tips for Smooth Legs
Things to Do or Avoid After a Wax
How To Rock Your Thick Hair
The Dos And Don Ts Of Hair Removal
Staying Out For The Summer
Prep Your Skin For Summer
Prepping For Hair Removal
Truths About Hair Removal
Myths About Hair Removal
My Sunday Night Routine
Moisturizing Tips For Nourished Radiant Skin
Remove hair with minimal pain
How To Create Salon Perfect Smooth Skin
How To Correctly Remove Hair From A Bikini Line
Hot Wax Vs Wax Strips
Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin
Hair Removal At Home
Get To Know The Types Of Hair On Your Body
Facial Hair Removal Waxing
Facial Hair Removal
5 Ways To Prevent Ingrown Hairs
Best techniques for underarm & armpit hair removal
Are Depilatory Creams Suitable for Everyone?
Your Waxing Questions, Answered
How long will hair removal results last?
Winter Sun Seekers Ultimate Skincare Routine
 Two women standing side by side in their undies with focus on their bikini line
Three women applying Veet® PURE Hair Removal Cream for legs and body to their leg, while wearing bath robes.
Woman posing in her underwear.
When to Start Using Veet Products and What's the Best Option for a Beginner?
Waxing with cold wax
Warm, Cold Or Sugar Wax?
Veet Canada Guide Summer Hair Removal
Top Professional Secrets for the Best Waxing Results?
Tips for Removing Thicker hair
Tips & Tricks To  Removing Facial Hair With Depilatory Creams
Perfect woman waxed legs outdoors at sunset
Summer Ready Bikini Line
Summer Hair Removal Wax Shave Cream
Summer Hair Removal Skin Prep
Women in her bathing suit smiling.
Smooth Bikini Line Summer
Woman spraying water on her legs in the bathtub at home
Shaving: Is it the best hair removal option?
Removing Hair On Your Upper Lip With Waxing
Recommended Veet Products for Thick Hair and How to Use Them at Home
Razor Bump Prevention Summer
Myths and Truths About Female Facial Hair
My First Hair Removal
Woman’s pubic area with Veet® Hair Removal Cream on her bikini line
Is Facial Hair Normal?
Woman using loofah to wash her body with soap on the shower.
Three women with Veet® hair removal cream on their legs.
Person squeezing Veet Hair Removal Cream in their hand to use on their bikini line.
Women in their underwear smiling at the camera.
How to Remove Excess Wax off of Your Skin
How to Prevent Redness, Razor Burn, and Ingrown Hairs
How to Apply Sugar Wax
Everything You Need To Know about Hair Removal
Do I really have to do a test patch?
Woman In Bathrobe Touching Smooth Legs In Bathroom
Woman applying Veet® hair removal cream to her leg
Women sitting against a wall in a bikini with her bikini line shown
Can I Remove Hair On My Own?
Three women walking on the beach in the summer in their bathing suits
Best Hair Removal Method to Prevent Ingrown Hairs
A Comparative Table of Veet Depilatory Creams
Person squeezing Veet® Gentle Finishing Cream into their hand.
5 top tips to look after your skin in the winter
How to prolong that end-of-summer glow
Facial Hair Removal Tips Smooth Skin
Facial Hair Removal Tips Smooth Skin
The do’s and don’ts of facial hair removal
My self care routine
Preventing Ingrown Hairs
5 Tips For Summer
My Self Care Routine
A group of women in their underwear posing happily
Two women showing their sensitive skin on the bikini line and underarms
Image of a person’s bikini line and legs
A confident woman standing in the bathroom with her hair and body wrapped in a towel ready for her everything shower.
A group of 5 happy women with different types of bikini wax dancing in their swimsuits on a beach together.
Two people waxing their legs with Veet PURE Wax Strips

5 Spring Beauty Trends Revealed

Ready to revamp your style, skin care, and body care routine? Dive into beauty trends curated by Veet Canada! From updating your wardrobe to refreshing your makeup and revamping your body skin care, get ready to elevate your entire look!
A woman sitting at her make-up counter with different products and a make-up mirror on the table.

Everything You Need to Know About Facial Waxing

Curious about facial waxing? Discover the benefits, techniques, and aftercare for smooth skin with Veet® facial hair remover.
Veet® Professional™ Wax Strips, For Face and Veet® PURE™, Wax Strips for Face on peach-coloured risers with geometric-shaped gold and peach rocks in situ.

The Importance Of Self-Care: 6 Easy Tips To Try

From spending more time outside to eating well and fine-tuning our beauty routines, we’re getting serious about self-care this spring season (and every season). Here are our top 6 simple self-care tips and ideas from Veet® Canada that you can try today!
Beautiful woman with porcelain skin and long red wavy hair looking over her bare shoulder at the camera.