Are Depilatory Creams Suitable for Everyone?

Depilatory creams are a fantastic option for quick and painless hair removal without even having to step out of the shower! They are a great choice for women on the go, with some products giving you silky smooth legs in as little as three minutes. But with such convenient results, will depilatory creams be right for everybody?

Well, there are many different skin types out there. While it’s important to be aware of your bodies’ sensitivities, it’s refreshing to know that there are many options out there when it comes to seeking smooth, hairless skin - including depilatory creams! The trick is to find the one that’s right for you.

How does it work?

Depilatory creams work by dissolving the keratin structure of the hair, causing it to weaken at the base, and allowing it to be wiped or washed away. This process is generally aided by alkaline chemical ingredients, designed to safely break down these proteins. Typically, these are safe to apply to the skin, when use as directed. But of course, we all experience different levels of sensitivity, so it’s important to get to know your own skin type when exploring hair removal options.

  • Legs

Let’s start with the basics! Smooth legs are a must-have when leaving the house, help us feel confident but there isn’t always time to wax, let alone make a detour to the salon. Depilatory cream can leave you with up to four days of smooth results. What’s more, some creams can even be used in the shower. Simply apply the cream, wait for the indicated time, and rinse away. Smooth legs in the time it takes for your conditioner to set? It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.

  • Bikini

You might wonder whether depilatory creams are suitable for more sensitive areas like your bikini line. The good news is, they are! However, the skin around your bikini area can naturally be more sensitive and more prone to irritation than the skin found elsewhere on your body. For this reason, you may wish to consider a depilatory cream formulated for sensitive skin. Our sensitive skin products like the Veet® Hair Removal Kit contain enriching ingredients such as Aloe Vera, specially added to quell any irritation you might feel. However, when in doubt, it’s a good practice to test your cream on a less sensitive area first (like on your leg), before moving on to your bikini line.

  • Face

Unwanted facial hair is perfectly common, but it can be an embarrassing issue for many women. You could always opt for a precision waxing tool, but if you are looking for another solution, then Veet® has a specially designed Facial Hair Removal Kit perfect for removing pesky hairs from your chin, upper lip, and cheeks. The face is another area prone to sensitive skin, so Veet® has also included a gentle Finish Cream to give you sleek results that will certainly have you smiling as you leave the house!

Pro Tip:

If you are new to depilatory creams, we recommend testing a small patch of skin each time you use the product before moving on to a wider area.

I Have Sensitive Skin. Should I Avoid Depilatory Creams?

Choosing a formula designed for sensitive skin might be the right choice for you. Soothing Aloe Vera is added to most of our line of creams designed specifically for sensitive skin like the Veet® Silky Fresh™ Hair Removal Cream to help ease possible irritation you might experience. It’s also important to make sure you’re giving your skin some extra TLC before and after hair removal. Keeping your skin hydrated is very important. Even simple habits like drinking more water, cutting out perfumed products, and even taking shorter hot showers can help decrease itchiness and irritation. And remember, it’s always wise to check with your doctor if you are particularly concerned about skin irritation.

Depilatory creams can be a fantastic option for quick and painless hair removal, whether you’re getting ready for the gym just planning your next trip to the beach! As always, if you’re unsure whether depilatory creams are the way to go, simply test your product on a small area of skin, before choosing the product that’s right for you.