Which method of hair removal is best for the bikini line?

Picture this: it’s summer and you’re ready to bust out that two-piece with confidence. Only problem is you forgot to make an appointment about your bikini line. What do you do?

Some may choose to leave their hair, afterall it’s normal, but if you’re into keeping your bikini line smooth and hairless, there are several options. Some are definitely best left to professionals (such as lasering), while others you can do at home in a matter of minutes to achieve the results you wish.

Let’s go through the most common methods of hair removal for your bikini line.


Whether it’s an electric razor or trimmer or a plain old five blade razor, shaving your bikini line is the most common way to go. But is it really the best? Shaving is fast and affordable, especially if you’re already using it for your legs and underarms. But it also may cause possible skin irritation and redness, or ingrown hairs from the razor pulling at the skin. Another downside? No matter how seasoned of a shaver you are, there’s always a chance of ending up with a small nick or cut.


  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Easy


  • Potential skin irritation
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Discomfort or pain from cuts


Waxing is a common method of hair removal that lasts the longest. Your skin can remain smooth for up to 28 days. Waxing products, like Veet® ProfessionalTM Wax Strips Sensitive Skin, Face Bikini & Underarm*, pull the hair by the follicles to ensure maximum smoothness. For maintaining a bikini line, waxing is a really efficient way to ensure precision.


  • Smoothness up to 28 days
  • EasyGrip™ tab helps you get the right angle and keep a firm grip
  • Exfoliates skin


  • Discomfort
  • Sensitive skin
  • Need a minimum hair length

Hair Removal Cream

Of all the hair removal methods, hair removal creams are among some of the fastest. Depending on the product, hair removal creams can start from 2 minutes until it’s time to scrape, like with Veet® ProfessionalTM Hair Removal Cream Full Bikini Kit. Like shaving, hair removal creams remove hair strands at the surface. Veet® ProfessionalTM Hair Removal Cream Full Bikini Kit has been designed to minimize ingrown hairs.


  • Fast
  • Works even on coarse hair
  • Easy


  • Not as long lasting
  • Skin sensitivities

Which method is the best for the bikini line?

So which one is the best for your bikini line?

It’s really up to you and what you prefer. Waxing and hair removal creams ensure faster time to smoothness, with the potential to last longer than shaving, and can be done at home just as effectively.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label before use.