Everything You Need To Know About Hair Removal

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Removal

Everything You Need To Know about Hair Removal

When it comes to hair removal, most of us know that it can (quite literally) be a pain.[1] With the evolution of beauty, and advancements in hair removal methods, there are now so many different methods to choose from with some even allowing you to do it right from the comfort of your own home! While there are many methods, the three common forms of hair removal are often shaving, creams and waxing.[2] By taking a look at each of these different techniques, you can discover the method that is best suited to your needs.


Shaving, for some, may be the most favourable form of hair removal. It initially evolved from the Ancient Egyptians and started with using shaving made of bronze or flint to keep their bodies hair-free, which signified their wealth and status.[1] By getting as close to the root of the hairs as possible, shaving involves gently dragging a sharp blade across the area of the skin in order to slice these hairs.[2] Today, shaving continues to be a popular method of hair removal. And as the reasoning behind hair removal has evolved, so has the development of razors. However, even the newest razors can cause small cuts and irritation such as “razor burns”.[2] While this method may seem like the fastest form of hair removal, shaving may cause the inconvenience of rapid hair regrowth, so you will have to keep up with your routine quite frequently.


The earliest form of waxing involves a mixture of sugar and lemon resin which was also rooted from the Ancient Egyptians. These combinations of ingredients would form a stiff and malleable substance that would be applied on the skin and once cooled, quickly stripped away could pull the hair from its root.[1] Waxing is a form of epilation, which as mentioned removes hair at the root. This deeper form of removal means that hair takes much longer to grow back, in comparison to shaving. Veet Wax Strips such as our Veet® Professional™ Wax Strips, For Legs & Body, Sensitive Skin, With Almond Oil, 40 ct*.


now brings salon quality hair removal at home with easy to use and convenient pre-cut strips. No need to create your own sugar blend, simply follow the instructions on the packaging and enjoy up to 28 days of smoothness.

Hair Removal Creams

Thanks to depilatory creams, hair removal no longer has to be associated with pain. This method of hair removal has been around for centuries with early formulas containing harmful ingredients such as quicklime and arsenic.[2] Although this method is not a new invention, it has definitely (and thankfully) improved to become safe! Veet’s Depilatory Creams such as our Veet® PURE™ Cream - In-Shower Sensitive Skin*, safely allows hair to dissolve just below the skin with no nicks or razor burns![1]


With this method, you can say hello to a stubble free skin for long lasting smoothness. Before use, please carefully read the instructions and perform a patch test 24 hours before your routine!

No matter which method of hair removal you choose , it is important to do your research, take the time to discover which is most suitable for your skin and your needs as well as follow instructions closely. Whether you choose razors, waxing or creams, it’s never been so easy to remove hair, and stay smooth for longer! [1]

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow product label.

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