Facial hair removal: Waxing with precision

Hair grows everywhere on our bodies, and each person’s relationship with their body hair is different! Facial hair is completely normal, and while some women may choose to sport a natural look, others may be wondering how best to maintain or remove unwanted hair from their face. Facial hair removal doesn’t have to be complicated and we’re here to share some of our favourite tips and tricks that you can add to your beauty routine.

Avoid Shaving Facial Hair

Shaving may be a quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair, but this method can remove the essential oils that help keep skin moisturized. Razor blades can also slice through hairs, leaving hard edges and making regrowth feel scratchy and irritating. For best results and touchable smoothness, try out our variety of Veet wax strips designed specifically for facial hair removal!

Waxing Lyrical

Remove hair at the root, experience stubble-free skin, and enjoy long lasting smoothness with Veet wax strips! Adding this to your regular beauty routine may also result in getting fewer, finer, and softer hairs growing back.

Sculpt with Precision

We know that facial hair may be trickier to maintain than other parts of your body. Not only are you trying to remove hair from areas that may be a bit more delicate, you also need the precision to shape your eyebrows the way you want. 

From natural touch ups to dramatic arches, achieve the look you want with Veet® Face Precision Wax Care, Precision Wax & Aftercare Cream. The Veet Face Precision Wax & Care Kit comes with a precision stick applicator, so you can target specific facial areas with ease, along with an aftercare cream made with Aloe Vera for smooth, moisturized skin.

Try our Veet® Silky Fresh ™ Face Hair Removal Kit Normal Skin depilatory cream, specially formulated for your upper lips, cheeks, and chin. Easily apply the cream, gently remove unwanted hair with a cotton ball, and top it off with a gentle finishing cream to keep your skin feeling hydrated and moisturized. 

As with all Veet products, be sure to read all labels and use according to instructions.

Facial hair removal doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Find Your Veet to get the best Veet product tailored to your facial hair goals!