Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair Removal

3 Easy Facial Hair Removal Products For Smooth Skin

In a world that celebrates individuality, the decision to remove or keep facial hair should be entirely up to you. Whether you prefer a completely bare look, removing your upper lip fuzz yet keeping your cheek hairs or embracing your natural facial hair growth, is up to you.

However, if you do choose to bid farewell to unwanted facial hair, there's no need to rush to a salon or spa. Today, we're here sharing three fantastic at-home methods for facial hair removal that are both effective and convenient, ensuring your skin feels comfortable and smooth.

So, if you're ready to embark on your hair removal journey, keep reading to discover these hassle-free options that let you set the standard for your facial hair routine for all skin types.

3 products to removal facial hair

VEET® PURE - Hair Removal Kit Normal Skin - Face*

For a fast and easy hair removal process, facial hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, are a popular choice. VEET® PURE - Hair Removal Kit Normal Skin - Face* is designed to remove hair from the upper lip, cheek, and chin areas, leaving your skin feeling smooth. This cream works by removing hair close to the root, and it no longer has the ammonia smell, thanks to the removal of the ingredient causing it. Dermatologically tested, this product starts working in as little as 3 minutes, making it a convenient and efficient option.

VEET® Professional™ Wax Strips Sensitive Skin - Face, Bikini & Underarm*

For long-lasting, beautiful results targeted at specific facial areas, consider VEET® Professional™ Wax Strips Sensitive Skin - Face, Bikini & Underarm. These wax strips allow you to remove hair as short as 1.5mm. With the EasyGripTM tab, you can achieve the perfect angle and maintain a firm grip. To achieve a clean finish, simply use the included Perfect Finish wipe to remove any excess wax. The formula is specifically designed with almond oil known for its soothing properties on sensitive skin.

Veet® PURE™ Cold Wax Strips for Face*

If you prefer a hair removal option with simple ingredients, Veet® PURE™ Cold Wax Strips for Face* are an excellent choice. These wax strips are formulated with 50% fewer chemicals compared to Veet® Easy-Gel™ Wax Strips, making them suitable for sensitive skin. By removing hair directly from the hair follicle, these strips provide up to 28 days of smoothness. Enjoy the convenience of at-home waxing without compromising on the quality of results.

How to use Veet® Wax Strips for facial hair

When opting for at-home hair removal, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

Read the label and perform a patch test on a small area of your skin before applying the product fully. Follow the instructions carefully, and if there are no adverse reactions after 24 hours, proceed with using the product.

Wait for 24 hours after hair removal before exposing your skin to scented products, swimming, sunbathing, or using a tanning bed. This will help maintain smooth skin and prevent any potential irritation.

Achieving smooth, hair-free skin from the comfort of your own home has never been easier with at-home facial hair removal methods.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.