Is it good to use a hair removal cream on your private parts?

Is it good to use a hair removal cream on your private parts?

Woman’s pubic area with Veet® Hair Removal Cream on her bikini line

Hair is simply everywhere on our bodies, and whether you are into that or not, sometimes it’s really good to have clear, smooth skin.

But what about the hair down there? Everyone has hair in and around their genitalia, and there have been a variety of ways to manage and even style what it looks like down there. Waxing, shaving, threading are all solutions to get a summer bikini line in order. One of the main ways of hair removal has been waxing, but a very common, easy-to-use treatment is hair removal cream.

Here, we’ll discuss what we mean by our private parts and if you can use hair removal creams in that area, as well as hair removal cream tips if you’re ready to tame down there.

What do we mean by private parts?

The parts of our bodies below the belly button are quite sensitive. This area is known as the bikini or pubic area, like the vulva, as well as inner thighs and the hairline leading up to the belly button.

Grooming in this area is tricky for a few reasons. Our skin is thinner there, sensitive to perfumed lotions or scented products, and nerve endings abound, too, increasing reactivity. The bikini and pubic area also is home to coarse hair. The running scientific theory is that this thick, oftentimes curly, hair helped keep that part of our bodies warm during, oh, say an ice age.

Can you use hair removal cream in sensitive areas?

Short answer? Yes, you can use hair removal cream on sensitive skin areas, but not before patch testing first!

Hair removal creams (also known as depilatory creams) remove hair at the strand level, not the hair follicle itself. Hair removal creams, like Veet® ProfessionalTM * or Pure*, sit on top of an area for a certain amount of short time (anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes*) before it gets wiped off, essentially wiping up the hair and exfoliating the area.

How does hair removal cream work?

Using a hair removal cream or not all depends on your own personal reaction to the formula within. It is an easy, effective way to manage a bikini line or a lingering trail from the belly button but you should always read and follow the product label for best results. Get an in depth look at how hair removal cream works here.

Hair removal cream tips for the pubic area

If you’re going to use a hair removal cream on your nether regions, make sure you follow some of these key tips:

  • Start with a trial patch to see if any sensitivities emerge
  • Go slow, and we mean turtle slow, on application of the product
  • Be precise and diligently follow the directions. Remove product the minute you are meant to.
  • Choose a brand like Veet® ProfessionalTM Cream * for fast results that starts working from 2 minutes or Veet® Cream PURE for Sensitive Skin* that includes the least amount of ingredients vs. all other Veet® cream formulas.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label before use.