How long will hair removal results last?

You’ve treated yourself to an at-home hair removal pamper day and marveling at your freshly moisturized, smooth skin. But you may be wondering - how long will this smoothness last before that pesky stubble comes back? Get yourself familiar with the different hair removal methods, how long you can expect stubble-free skin, and which ones will work best for your needs with this quick guide on how long your hair removal results will last!


This hair removal method only cuts hair off from the surface of the skin, meaning hair regrowth will be faster than when using other methods. Razor blades can also slice through hairs, leaving hard edges and making regrowth feel scratchy and irritating.

Shaving is great for a quick and easy hair removal option, but if you want long-lasting results and soft, moisturized skin, we suggest opting for depilatory creams or waxes!

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, breaks down hair so that it can be easily wiped off from your skin. This method doesn’t remove hair from the follicle itself, so people typically enjoy smooth skin for a few days before noticing hair regrowth.

Perfect for those looking for a convenient and painless hair removal option, our Veet® depilatory creams make hair removal easy and quick, and will have you enjoying smooth skin for longer than you would after shaving!


Waxing removes hair straight from the root and leaves you with exfoliated, moisturized skin and up to 28 days of smoothness!

Our Veet® wax strips are effective on hairs as short as 1.5mm. Adding waxing to your regular hair removal routine can lead to fewer, finer and softer hairs growing back, making it a great option for long lasting smoothness! Choose Veet® wax strips for a simple 4-step hair removal process, or treat yourself to an at-home pamper day with our Veet® sugar wax.