My self care routine

Good music, a glass of your favourite drink, and an at-home spa day filled with all your favourite pampering routines - sometimes you just need a break from busy summer activities to wind down and enjoy a self care day! What’s your favourite way to unwind?

We asked a few of our #VeetFleet influencers to share how they unwind and keep the good vibes going with their favourite self care routines!

Danielle Catton


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With a combination of skin care, hair care, relaxation and a dance party with Veet hair removal to finish it off. Danielle’s self care routine looks like so much fun!

Ashleigh Aeden


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What better way to start a self care routine than with a big glass of cold water? Ashleigh shares how she recites mantras to promote self love throughout her day. After that, to really pamper herself, Ashleigh uses the Veet wax strips to keep her legs feeling silky smooth.

Sade Mowatt

“I personally like to turn on my diffuser and add some eucalyptus essential oil to really recreate that spa environment. Additionally, I like to light a calming candle to also add to the mood. Then I will go ahead put on a hair mask, a good face mask, and set up my nail kit for a nice mani-pedi using my Amopé Pedi.”

“I love making sure to grab my Veet products and get rid of any unwanted hairs.”

“Once you’re feeling clean, fresh, and smooth, throw on some cozy loungewear and get comfortable. Grab yourself a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or whatever your heart desires!”

Nicole Zajac


Sundays are for self care right @nicolezaajac ? #28daysofsmoothness #VeetFleet

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Sundays are for self care right? Nicole shares with us how she gets ready for the week ahead with an easy upper lip wax using Veet Easy-Gel Wax Strips and sipping on delicious tea!

Draco Dez


Join @veetcanada #VeetFleet & share your #28DaysOfSmoothness using the Easy-Gel wax strips! Read all product labels before using Veet products #ad

♬ SAY YEAH - Jack & Charly

If you’re busy like Draco, sometimes a self care evening routine is all you need. She loves to have her skin feeling just as soft as her cozy robe with Veet Easy-Gel Wax Strips for Body & Legs Sensitive Skin.