My Sunday Night Routine

For many of us, Sunday is a great day. It is a day to get re-energized and revitalized for the upcoming work or school week. It is a chance to truly relax and indulge in some me-time. We are all guilty of filling our schedules to the brim so taking a Sunday to yourself can be key. We know it can be hard, but me-time is important — trust us.

A perfect Sunday will look different for everyone. Whatever your Sunday looks like though, everyone can agree on one thing — Sunday is the ultimate self-care day. It is the perfect day to really take care of yourself mentally and physically.

Everyone's idea of self-care is different but who does not love a little pampering? Sure, going to the salon to get pampered is a treat — but sometimes, doing the pampering at home is even better. Sunday night is the perfect time to turn your bathroom into a home beauty spa. Kick back, relax and draw yourself a hot bath. Paint those nails. Steam your face. Do it all, you deserve it. You could even add a bath bomb or bath salts to your bath if you’re looking to make it extra special. After getting out of the tub, why not address those stubborn hairs on your upper lip. Products like our Veet® Face Precision Wax Care, Precision Wax & Aftercare Cream make for easy hair removal. Even if you are not experienced with hair removal, our wax strips are designed for beginners and come ready to use - no heating/rubbing required!

After you’re feeling fresh, clean, and smooth, put on some cozy clothes and snuggle up with a nice cup of tea. That sounds like an ideal Sunday night to us!