Myths and Truths About Female Facial Hair

Myths and Truths About Female Facial Hair

Myths and Truths About Female Facial Hair

We all know the saying, “don’t believe everything you hear.” Well, that also applies to female facial hair! There are many myths and truths when it comes to female facial hair and female facial hair removal. Your trusted Veet® team is here to uncover all of the truths behind this commonly misunderstood topic.

MYTH #1 Women don’t have facial hair.

This is completely untrue. Women grow facial hair, just as men do, however it may be less visible. In most cases, female facial hair is very fine and light in colour.[1] If you experience visible facial hair, do not be embarrassed - it is much more common than we are led to believe. The choice to remove facial hair is yours! Should you choose to remove it, there are Veet products for you!

MYTH #2 Only women with certain skin/hair types will experience facial hair.

Facial hair does not pick and choose based on skin and hair types. The misconception comes from the fact that some complexions and hereditary hair colours do make facial hair more visible.[2] Still, that does not mean that those women are the only ones who have it.

MYTH #3 If you remove your facial hair, it will grow back darker and thicker.

The truth is, removing female facial hair will not alter its thickness, colour or speed of growth.[3] The hair follicles grow back with a blunt tip which may feel coarse, but the hair is just the same as it was before you removed it.[3] With that being said, if you feel the need to remove your facial hair, then go for it!

MYTH #4 Female facial hair means there is an imbalance of hormones within the body.

This is sometimes true. There are some cases where a hormone imbalance or medical condition may result in excessive growth in facial hair.[2] However, having facial hair does not mean you have one of those issues. Most, if not all women have facial hair. If you are experiencing what feels like excessive growth, please contact your healthcare provider for clarity.

MYTH #5 Female facial hair only appears on the upper lip area.

Facial hair is not exclusive to the upper lip area. Women can experience facial hair on any area of their face, including our chin, neck, and cheeks.[2] Once again, this is nothing to be ashamed of. It is completely normal.

MYTH #6 Women must remove any/all facial hair.

Why should women feel that they must remove any/all facial hair? Unattainable beauty standards have been put in place for women for years. But there is no reason you should abide by these “rules” if it doesn’t feel right for you. Do what makes you feel confident and comfortable. If that means removing the hair, then Veet is here to help you along the way.

Ultimately, the choice to remove any hair is yours! Should you opt for hair removal, be sure to check out our Veet product line to find the perfect facial hair removal tool for you!