Prepping For Hair Removal

Prepping For Hair Removal

Prepping For Hair Removal

Prepping For Hair Removal

No matter what method of hair removal you prefer, prepping beforehand can help make the process much easier, results last longer and prevent ingrown hairs! With so many methods to choose from, we’ve put together a handful of tips for each of the major choices.

For Shaving

Shaving is a popular option, but the chance at ingrowns is substantial. Showering and exfoliating is always recommended prior to shaving. Showering or even washing your legs reduces the risk of dirt getting in should you cut yourself. Heat from shower also allows your pores to open up and softens the hair for easier removal. Exfoliating beforehand is great for preventing dead skin cells building up before you even shave to prevent ingrown hairs.

Before the blade even touches your skin, invest in a good and new razor. The razor that’s been sitting in the shower for months is definitely not the ideal candidate for hair removal.

When starting ensure you have a shaving gel, or cream to keep your skin moisturized and allow the blade to glide much easier on your skin!

For Waxing

Whether it's in the salon or at home, waxing can seem like the most daunting of hair removal methods. Those who are not used to waxing believe it to be the most painful hair removal method. And we’re not going to lie, it’s not sunshine and daisies, however, the more often you wax, the less painful it becomes.

Waxing offers much longer lasting results in comparison to shaving or creams. Before waxing however, experts actually recommend growing your hair up to 2mm, or to the size of a grain of rice, otherwise, the hair may be too short to wax.

Once you are ready to wax, it is optimal to shower, and exfoliate beforehand. Shower allows for your pores to open up, and exfoliation removes any dead skin cells to prevent ingrown hairs.

There are also a few different options when it comes to waxing, hot wax / hard wax, sugar wax, and wax strips. No matter the type, we highly recommend a test patch a day prior to your waxing experience to ensure that irritation doesn’t occur.

Veet offers a variety of wax strips for various areas of your body. Make that you pick the best wax strip that suits their corresponding body parts and make sure you read the label before using products.

For Creams

Depilatory creams have become a rising star amongst methods of hair removal. It’s said to offer lasting results longer than shaving!

And before you start….do we even need to say it again? Exfoliate! Just do it! It not only prevents you from ingrowns but in this case can also help remove any additional product on your skin and allows you to start with a fresh canvas.

With regards to creams, it is crucial that you do a test patch beforehand. Veet offers a wide range of effective depilatory creams that removes the hair right down to the root. However, with so many options, it's important to pick an option that suits you best. Remember also to read the instructions as each depilatory cream has unique and individual instructions ranging from leaving on for its specified time, and others being wiped away with a cloth.

Follow the instructions closely for smooth and long-lasting results.

The most important tip to remember is that each and every hair removal method is unique. Always remember to look through the ingredients list, read instructions, follow them closely and of course test!