Can I use Veet Wax Strips on my bikini line?

Can I use Veet Wax Strips on my bikini line?

Women sitting against a wall in a bikini with her bikini line shown

Waxing is an effective method of hair removal if you’re thinking of removing hair from your bikini line. It’s there and then poof! Smooth skin for summer. Waxing is great because you can do it on your own at home; making it easy and efficient.

But what about pubic hair? Pubic hair removal and styling down there has never been easier, if we’re honest.

We often head out to salons for such services, but waxing pubic hair along your bikini line can be done at home—and it’s likely you’ll want to for the cost-saving benefits and that it’s less of a hassle. Veet® ProfessionalTM Wax Strips Sensitive Skin Face Bikini & Underarm* are a great and easy way to remove the pubic hair along your bikini line.

Let’s go through what wax strips do and if you can use Veet® Wax Strips to remove any unwanted pubic hair.

How do wax strips work?

Wax strips are thin pieces of paper with a layer of cold wax. They’re a great method of hair removal because it essentially takes the hot wax concept to ready-to-do at home.

Wax strips work to pull hair straight from the hair follicle to ensure maximum smoothness, lasting up to four weeks.

Using wax strips at home on pubic hair is safe for your bikini line area, and it will save you time and money versus going to the salon, but remember that the pubic area has coarse hair, so it’s a little tougher to pull out. When using Veet® ProfessionalTM Wax Strips Sensitive Skin, Face Bikini & Underarm* on your bikini line, you’ll be able to get the right angle and keep a firm grip with our EasyGrip™ tab technology on every wax strip. 

How to use Veet Wax Strips for pubic hair removal along the bikini line

Veet® ProfessionalTM Wax Strips Sensitive Skin, Face Bikini & Underarm* can give you the precise amount of hair (especially if that amount is zero) around your bikini line or bikini strip.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Veet® ProfessionalTM Wax Strips Sensitive Skin, Face Bikini & Underarm* for pubic hair removal.

  1. Do a test spot. When trying a new product, always do a small test spot. Like you would with hair removal cream, a patch test, especially for sensitive skin, let’s you know if a product is right for you.
  2. Make sure hair length is appropriate for wax. Because wax needs to grab hold of the hair to remove it, optimal hair length for wax should be the length of a grain of rice. Veet® ProfessionalTM Wax Strips Sensitive Skin, Face Bikini & Underarm is clinically proven up to 28 days of smoothness even on super short hairs (1.5mm short, to be exact!)
  3. Prep the area. Ensure the area you’re waxing is clean and dry.
  4. Pull strips apart. Seperate the two pull double strips following the pre-cut line. Slowly pull the strips apart using the outward rounded tabs.
  5. Apply strip to skin. Apply one strip to skin in the direction of hair growth. With the curved tab pointing the the direction of hair growth, make sure the wax adheres. Place a strip on your bikini line where you would like to remove hair and rub repeatedly in the direction of hair growth (away from your belly button).
  6. Remove wax strip. Hold tab. Hold skin taut. Pull strip back onto itself (AS FAST AS YOU CAN!) In one swift motion close to the skin you pull.
  7. Wax in sections. After you’ve done that first bit, keep going section by section—whether it’s a full removal of the bikini line or tidying up.
  8. Aftercare. After waxing, clean away any wax left on your skin with the Perfect FinishTM Wipe with argan oil for great skin finish.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label before use.