Removing Hair On Your Upper Lip With Waxing

Removing Hair On Your Upper Lip With Waxing

Removing Hair On Your Upper Lip With Waxing

Do you have facial hair? If yes, do not be embarrassed. The truth is, most of us have facial hair. Facial hair can appear anywhere on the face, but many are most concerned about the presence of hair on their upper lip. Although it is definitely nothing to be ashamed of, we are here to provide a few key tips on how to remove unwanted facial hair with Veet® waxing products.

1. Choose the Right Product

It is important to start with choosing the right product for your needs. There are several different waxing products to choose from, so make sure to do your research. Most people choose wax strips because it comes pre-cut and ready to use with clear instructions. Feel free to visit our Veet wax strips product line to find a product that best suits your hair and skin type.

2. Prepare Your Skin

This is an important step on your journey to successful hair removal. Before using your wax strips, make sure your skin is prepared. It is important that the wax is applied to clean, dry skin that is free from any lotions or creams.[1] You may choose to wash and dry the area before you begin.

3. Perform a Patch Test

Our skin is unique and may have unplanned reactions to new hair removal products. That being said, we feel that you should always perform a patch test before your full waxing routine. So before removing your upper lip hair, try testing the wax on a small area of your skin, somewhere else on your body. Once you’ve completed the test and there are no adverse reactions, you’re ready to go! Make sure to carefully follow the instructions provided for best results.

4. Wax!

Place the strip on the area you’d like to remove hair from. It is important that the hair you’re removing is at least 1.5mm long so that the wax strip can get a firm grip on the hair.[1] Apply pressure to the wax strip - this will ensure that the wax properly attaches to the unwanted hair. Then, pull the strip off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Yes, it’s really that easy!

5. Be Careful

When using a facial wax strip on your upper lip, be mindful of your skin. Only wax the same area once so that you don’t irritate the skin. Also, be sure to pull firmly and quickly on the wax strip for best results and less discomfort.

6. Aftercare

After waxing your upper lip area, remember to provide your skin with the proper aftercare. By following up with the right aftercare process, you can limit the risk of swelling and redness. We recommend treating the waxed area with a cold compress and a calming lotion or our Veet Perfect Finish Wipes. Your skin may be sensitive after waxing, so be gentle and avoid touching the area as much as you can. If it is your first time using a waxing product, we recommend you wax the night before to give your skin the night to recover.[1]

Facial hair removal can be easy if you follow the right steps and incorporate these great tips. Make sure to check out our Veet product line to find the perfect waxing product for you. Good luck, and stay smooth!