Shaving: Is it the best hair removal option?

Shaving: Is it the best hair removal option?

Shaving: Is it the best hair removal option?

We get it, razors are convenient and a relatively quick way to remove hair. But there are definitely other hair removal options worth exploring. Want to leave razor burns and bumps, ingrown hairs and cut knees in the past? Veet® has some great products like waxes and depilatory creams to help you achieve silky smooth skin quickly and painlessly right in the comfort of your own home. Have we convinced you to ditch your razor yet? If you still need convincing, keep reading.

Waxed hairs grow back smoother than shaved ones*

When you wax, hairs are removed from the root, rather than just cut away with a razor.[1] So, your hair grows back without the hard edges that you can get with shaving. We love our 

. These strips are so easy to use, even for beginners! We know wax can sometimes be irritating, so these strips have been formulated for those with sensitive skin.

Avoid ingrown hairs

Although ingrown hairs can happen with any form of hair removal, they are most common when you shave. We all hate pesky ingrown hairs, especially on the bikini line. If you want a smooth bikini line, shaving may not be the best hair removal method. We recommend our Veet® Hair Removal Kit Bikini Sensitive Skin. The kit comes with both a depilatory cream and a gentle finishing cream. Depilatory creams are a hair removal method that removes hair painlessly and quickly. These creams break down the keratin structure (AKA, the proteins) of your hair, effectively thinning and dissolving the base of the hairs to a point where they are weak enough to be broken off when the cream is wiped away.[2]


Prior to use, we recommend to read the product label and patch testing a small area. Should you not have an adverse reaction after 24 hours, continue to use the product normally.

Waxed hairs grow back finer over time

Many believe that waxing causes your hair to grow back thicker over time. The truth is, waxed hairs actually grow back finer over time. Consistency is key. By keeping up with your wax routine every few weeks, your hair will be much finer, and your process will get much easier. Is that enough incentive to start waxing?

Stay silky smooth for longer

Although waxing may take longer than shaving, you’ll reap the results for much longer. In fact, some Veet products allow for up to 28 days of smoothness. With shaving, you’ll need to touch up just a few days after. With waxing, you can enjoy being smooth for up to four weeks!

We’re not telling you to go throw out all your razors, but we hope we’ve inspired you to maybe try another hair removal method. Whether you want to wax or use a depilatory cream, Veet has you covered


*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow product label.