Staying Out For The Summer

Staying Out For The Summer

Staying Out For The Summer

Staying out for the summer

With sunny days, warm nights, and the opportunity to spend quality time outdoors, it’s no wonder that many people pick summer as their favourite time of the year. But while there’s so much to enjoy during the hot summer months, it can also come with its share of beauty challenges including maintaining a hair removal routine (if you prefer to go hair-free!) and protecting yourself from sun exposure.

Wanting to show off your summer dresses and smooth skin all summer long? Here’s some of our top tips for managing the summer heat so you can enjoy healthy, glowing skin!

Keep skin moisturized

One of our favourite parts about these hot weather months? Getting to break out our summer wardrobe and rock our favourite summer dresses and outfits! It’s great to be able to bare our legs again, but some may be concerned about getting dry skin. Here’s some measures you can take so your legs don’t suffer the shock of sudden exposure:

  • Apply a moisturizer right after your shower or bath, as the product can help hydrate your skin by trapping some of the moisture left on your body[1]
  • Hot, lengthy showers can dehydrate your skin so opt for lukewarm showers instead
  • Avoid shaving, as this hair removal method can remove the essential oils that help keep skin moisturized

For the best results, it’s good to stick to this practice throughout the year, and not just in the summer months, so your legs will be ready to take on any fashion trends the summer brings.

Choose the right hair removal option for you

If part of rocking your summer look includes removing hair from your body, it’s important to know which hair removal option is the right choice for you to enjoy long lasting smoothness.

While shaving is a quick and easy method for every day hair removal, it can also dry out your skin and leave scratchy rough edges in its place. Instead, try opting for a hair removal cream, which breaks down the proteins in the hairs, effectively dissolving the hair. Our Veet® depilatory creams are very quick and simple to use, and some can even be used in the shower, just as you would shaving.

A more long-term solution for hair removal is waxing. From wax strips to sugar wax, Veet® has a variety of waxes to help you achieve exfoliated, moisturized skin for up to 28 days of smoothness so you won’t have to worry about regrowth for weeks on end!

Get bikini ready

Planning to hit the beach? Rock your favourite bikini all summer long, and with the help of our Veet® products, you can easily achieve an at-home bikini line hair removal*. The bikini area can be a sensitive spot when it comes to hair removal, but there are great options available to suit your specific needs and skin type.

For a quick and simple option, our Veet® Silky Fresh™ Hair Removal Cream Kit Bikini & Underarms Sensitive Skin is specially designed for the bikini line and underarms and will have you enjoying soft skin in no time. If you’re looking for a more long-term solution, our Veet® Natural Inspirations™ Precision Wax Strips Face, Bikini & Underarms Sensitive Skin are designed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas and can give you up to 28 days of smoothness!

Don’t forget sun protection

Summer should be a time to celebrate your natural glowing skin, but it’s important to keep in mind that UV protection is essential. Invest in a good sunscreen and don’t forget that sun protection is also important for your face! Confidently stay out for the summer, whether you’re taking up a new sport or baring it all at the beach, knowing that you’ve taken the steps to help protect your skin from sun exposure.

Don’t let hair removal or dry skin be a challenge for you this summer. These top tips will help you achieve long lasting smoothness all summer long!

*DISCLAIMER: Veet® wax strips are not suitable for areas around the anus and genitals. Please do not attempt to use Veet products for French, Brazilian, and Hollywood bikini wax styles and seek help at a professional salon.