Thick hair don't care - how to rock your thick hair

Voluminous waves, thick buns, trendy braids - there’s so many ways to sport thick hair! We know, though, that thick hair can sometimes be hard to manage, so we’ve compiled some tips and tricks for managing those ‘dos. How will you rock your thick hair?

Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Looking for ways to tame your frizz? Try using a hair mask to keep your scalp moisturized and lock in those oils that are essential for healthy hair growth! You can try a DIY hair mask made of coconut oil and honey to soothe your scalp and add more shine to your hair - simply apply to wet hair, leave on overnight, and rinse off with lukewarm water[1]!

Try Different Hairstyles

There’s lots of different hairstyles that you can rock with thick hair! Just a few of our favs include:

  • Layered hair: long layers give thick hair that voluminous movement! Ask your hairstylist to trim your hair to take out some of the weight and blend these layers with texturizing shears to help lighten the hair[2].

  • Buns: if you want to neatly keep hair away from your face while still showing off your full, voluminous hair, thick hair is great for buns or half-up do’s!

  • Braids: a cute and stylish option, and can help keep morning frizz at bay! Try braiding your hair before sleeping so that your hair doesn’t get tangled and staticky when you move around in your sleep, and enjoy luscious waves in the morning.

Thick Hair on Your Body

Thick hair doesn’t just appear on top of our heads - it’s perfectly natural to have thick hair all over our bodies! Heredity and ethnicity play a role in our body hair thickness[3], but it’s important to remember that everyone has it and that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about the amount of hair on your body.

If you prefer to remove thick hair from your body, Veet® makes that easy to do, too! Check out our wide range of products to find the perfect thick hair removal option for you, and read more of our tips on hair removal at home. Whether you decide to rock the thick hair on your body or opt to remove it, the choice is always yours!