Tips & Tricks To Removing Facial Hair With Depilatory Creams

Tips & Tricks To Removing Facial Hair With Depilatory Creams

Tips & Tricks To  Removing Facial Hair With Depilatory Creams

We get it, sometimes the little stubble on your chin or your upper lip is less than ideal. For the record, facial hair on anyone is extremely common and completely natural. In fact, facial hair growth can be caused by a variety of factors that are outside of your control such as medication & or hormonal changes.[1] Therefore, you shouldn’t feel obligated or pressured to remove your facial hair unless you want to. But should you decide to, here are a few tips & tricks on removing facial hair with Veet® depilatory creams.

Hair removal creams or depilatory creams are a simple and convenient method of hair removal. An alternative to shaving or waxing, depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair's protein structure so that the hair comes out of the skin easily when you rub off the cream.[2] Depilatory creams are safe with formulas even available for facial hair.

1. Check Your Skin & Hair Type

The effectiveness of depilatory creams can vary depending on the thickness of your hair and skin sensitivities. Those with coarser, thicker hair are more prone to ingrown hairs and razor bumps.[2] If you can relate, you may benefit from using depilatory cream! Anyone with sensitive skin may want to find options that are also less irritating- Veet® Silky Fresh ™ Face Hair Removal Kit Sensitive Skin is a great place to start!

2. Make Sure Your Hair Is The Right Length

The effectiveness of depilatory creams also depends on your hair length. When applying your cream, it’s typically instructed to apply a thick & even layer of product. This is because it needs to coat the hair you're trying to remove.

3. Read Instructions Carefully and Do A Patch Test

While this seems obvious, please carefully and thoroughly read labels and instructions before using any Veet product. Make sure the product you select is meant to be used for the face. Before you begin your full facial hair removal procedure, it’s also important to perform a patch test 24 hours prior to identify if you might have any adverse effects to the cream. Should you not have any effects, proceed as directed.

4. Do Not Exceed The Maximum Time

As mentioned previously, it is important to follow the instructions on the label closely. The instructions will let you know the maximum amount of time that you are able to leave the cream on for. While it is tempting to get every last hair, do not exceed the time listed as you can risk irritating your skin. Skin irritation is the last thing anyone wants!

5. Wipe Down Instead Of Rubbing

Oftentimes, your product may come equipped with a sponge or perhaps you may be instructed to use a damp cloth as seen with Veet! When removing your depilatory cream, it’s best to gently wipe in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Once all the cream has been removed, rinse your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry, making sure that there is no remaining cream.[3]

6. Aftercare & Moisturizing

Your Veet face hair removal kit comes equipped with a gentle finishing cream for moisturizing comfort. Following your hair removal routine, we advise you to hydrate your skin to prevent any dryness or irritation. Plus, who wouldn’t like a little extra smoothness after hair removal![4]