Top Professional Secrets for the Best Waxing Results?

Top Professional Secrets for the Best Waxing Results?

Top Professional Secrets for the Best Waxing Results?

Whether you’re a rookie or a regular, waxing can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! With Veet® wax strips and these top tips and tricks from waxing professionals you’ll never dread your wax again.

According to expert waxing professionals; preparation, choice and speed, and vital aftercare are the three key areas to keep in mind during your hair removal process!


Being prepared is an essential first step to hair removal according to the pros. Prior to removal, your hair should ideally be around half a centimeter, or a quarter of an inch, in length for the wax strips.[1] Unless you are using 

, in that case your hair can be as short as 1.5 mm or if you are using  it is recommended to have hair 5 mm long.

Once the hair growth is sufficient in length, time to start exfoliating the skin! Exfoliating the skin before waxing removes dead skin and allows the hair to grow in completely for removal, says Lead Esthetician Nandi Wagner.[1] On the day of your hair removal be sure to keep your skin residue free, wash and dry the desired area to allow the wax strip to work the best![6]

Exfoliation, moisturization and avoiding the use of razors before using wax strips will allow for the best results![1] You may also choose to wax before or after your menstrual cycle to lessen your skin sensitivity.[1]

Keep in mind, preparing for your wax is just as important as completing the hair removal itself!

Choose Wisely, Pull Quickly

Now that you’ve prepared your body, choosing a wax product that is best suited to your needs is the next step. The wax you choose will depend on the location chosen for hair removal. Whether it's your legs, arms, face or your upper lip hair, removal is made easy with Veet waxing strips. Start by carefully inspecting the area of desired hair removal to ensure you are not waxing over sunburns, cuts, or any irritations, suggests dermatologist Dr. Schlesinger.[1]

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing your wax product, is choosing a product that is best for your skin. If you are known to have sensitive skin, Veet has a Sensitive product range, specifically formulated for sensitive skin. For example, you may opt for 

 for sensitive skin.[5]

No matter which Veet product you choose, please ensure you read and follow all the instructions on the packaging before actually starting your hair removal. Advice from professionals is to pull quickly! It is important to leave enough of the wax strip to hold on to, about 5 centimeters, or 2 inches, in length.[3] Leaving this portion of the strip unattached will allow for you to have a better grip to complete the removal quickly and consistently.[3]

By pulling the wax strip quickly, this ensures the entire hair follicle comes out from under the skin, getting the root and decreasing the risk of hair breakage.[3]

Aftercare is Vital

The most common professional waxing tip may just be this one; aftercare is vital. Now that the hair has been removed, your skin needs care. Along with a cold compress, it’s important to keep your skin clean and avoid any friction to the waxed area.[4] It is recommended to keep the skin out of direct sunlight or heat, and to wear loose clothing for 24 hours following your wax.[4]

It can be helpful to create a cleansing routine for your skin if you do not already have one. Cleansing and exfoliating the skin regularly will ensure dead skin is removed to allow for the hair to grow properly.[2] During the weeks after hair removal, let your hair grow out. While it is okay to pluck stray hairs after your wax is complete, staying consistent with your wax routine and avoiding the razor will make a huge difference for subsequent waxes.[2]

Consistency is key. Waxing professionals suggest keeping up your wax routine typically every 4-6 weeks, while maintaining moisturized, hydrated, clean and exfoliated skin in between hair removal to ensure minimal discomfort.[1] Veet products makes waxing at home easy to do. With preparation, choice and speed, and vital aftercare, you will be sure to make your waxing experience, and results, the best they possibly can be.