What Are The Different Bikini Wax Styles

What Are The Different Bikini Wax Styles

The Different Bikini Wax Styles

What are the different bikini wax styles?

Is bikini line hair removal part of your hot weather prep? With summer just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about the different swimsuits and bikini wax styles you’re planning to rock for the season!

Waxing can be a great option for bikini line hair removal as it can help you shape your bikini line exactly how you want it, reduce the possibility of cuts or discomfort post-hair removal, and have you enjoying long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days.

Not familiar with the bikini wax styles you can opt for? There’s many different options for a bikini wax and ultimately what style you go for is completely down to personal taste. The two main factors that determine the difference between bikini waxing styles are:

1. How much hair is removed

2. Which areas hair is left on

The Different Bikini Wax Styles

Check out our handy guide to help you determine which style is perfect for you! While there are certain styles, such as the “French”, the “Brazilian”, and the “Hollywood” which should be left to the professionals, there are others which can be mastered at home with a little help from our Veet® wax strips!*

Bikini Wax

Considered the classic type of bikini line hair removal, the bikini wax is a simple “tidy up” targeting the hair that could be seen while wearing a bathing suit. This removes hair up to a four finger width from the bikini line, as well as the width of two fingers at the top for hairs that might peek over the waistband[1]. This style is a great option for first-time waxers and achievable as an at-home hair removal option!

Extended Bikini (Full Bikini Wax)

If you’d like to keep some hair down there while keeping it neat and more defined, the full bikini wax removes all of the hair that would be taken off with the standard bikini and takes the line deeper around the legs. You can also shape the top to a more defined “triangle” area[2].

French Wax*

The French wax removes most of the hair from the front, including the more intimate areas, while leaving a small strip commonly known as a “landing strip” on top. This style doesn’t touch the areas behind and is a great option for those looking to be smooth up front[2], although we recommend that you leave this style to a professional.

Brazilian Wax*

The Brazilian wax is a popular salon treatment and another one that we recommend you leave to a professional. This bikini wax style removes hair from the front, including your bikini line, along with all the hair from the back[1]. This is a great option when planning to wear a thong bikini as no hair will be visible front or back, although you can choose to leave a small strip, triangle, or square along the front.

Hollywood Wax*

Want to be completely bare down there? The Hollywood wax is just about as far as you can go with a bikini wax, and we definitely recommend that you leave this method to a professional. Opt for the Hollywood wax if you want to remove any hair in the front, in-between, and the back[2]!

Bikini Waxing at Home

We recommend that the French, Brazilian, and Hollywood styles be left to the professionals because they target some very sensitive areas. If you’re planning to do the classic bikini wax for a simple tidy up, our Veet wax strips are perfect for an at-home hair removal option!

Our Veet® Naturals Inpirations Wax Strips for Legs and Body help to ensure beautifully smooth skin for up to 28 days of smoothness. Just apply the strip to the area and pull away with the easy-grip tab, taking the hair with it. These can be cut to fit your body’s contours so that you can get the right finish for your bikini line.

At-Home Bikini Wax Tips

  • Allow your hair to grow at least 1.5mm before waxing.
  • Remember to always read and follow the instructions on the packaging.
  • Do a patch test at least 24 hours before to help avoid any skin reaction.
  • Ensure that the area you are going to wax is completely clean and dry for optimal results.
  • Consider a few after care options after waxing to help maintain beautifully smooth skin and avoid irritation or ingrown hairs. Check out our Things to do or avoid after a wax article for some after care tips!

*DISCLAIMER: Veet wax strips are not suitable for areas around the anus and genitals. Please do not attempt to use Veet products for French, Brazilian, and Hollywood bikini wax styles and seek help at a professional salon.

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