What is sugar waxing?

What is sugar waxing?

What Is Sugar Waxing

What is sugar waxing?

Sugar waxing, also known as sugaring, is a hair removal method similar to traditional waxing where you remove hairs at the root by covering the area of skin in a gooey, caramel-like substance and pulling it back off. This sugar paste sticks to the hair like wax and hardens in the process, forming a solid strip to grip and remove, meaning that it doesn’t always require strips to pull the wax away like other forms of waxing.

New to sugaring? Learn more about how to use sugar wax and its benefits below!

It’s said to be less painful than hot or cold waxing [1]

Sugar waxing paste is less likely to stick to live skin cells. When removed, the paste only takes the hair and dead skin cells with it, also exfoliating your skin in the process!

It’s made with natural ingredients

Sugaring is a great option if you’re a fan of natural ingredients. You can try making a homemade version using a combination of sugar, water, and lemon, but this DIY can be a very messy process and could result in quite a sticky kitchen.

You can find sugar waxing paste in drugstores and it can be a great budget-friendly option compared to regular visits to the salon! Our Veet® PURE Sugar Wax Kit – Argan Oil 250 mL* is formulated with 100% ingredients of natural origin including Argan Oil known for its softening properties. Enjoy up to 28 days of smoothness, which is weeks longer than other hair removal options such as shaving[2].

Temperature is important!

Before applying, make sure that the wax hasn’t become too hot to avoid burns. Luckily, our Veet® sugar wax can be heated easily by putting in the microwave for 40 seconds (depending on wattage) or 10 minutes in boiling water. It also comes with a specially-designed precision spatula that tells you when the wax is the right temperature!

You can then spread the warm sugar paste on skin with the spatula, apply the fabric strips provided with the sugar wax, and remove against the natural direction of hair-growth. Always remember to follow the product label carefully and never heat the wax for longer than the instructions indicate.

Since hairs are pulled out right from the root, this also means hairs are less likely to break during removal. As the follicle has to rebuild the hair from scratch, hairs that grow back will often be softer, tapered, thinner hairs rather than the coarse feeling typically felt after shaving[2].

You can easily rinse off residue

Like waxing, sugaring can leave residue on your skin, but because the formula is made up almost entirely of sugar, you can easily dissolve residue with warm water in the shower[1]. You can even reuse the fabric strips provided by rinsing off the sugar wax residue with water and drying it for next time!

Sugar waxing can be used effectively on large areas like your legs and smaller, more sensitive areas like your underarm and bikini line. If you’re looking for a new hair removal method, why not give sugaring a try? Try out our Veet® sugar wax to see if you can achieve salon-results at home!

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow product label.

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