Which Veet Product Is Right For Me

Which Veet Product Is Right For Me

Which Veet Product Is Right For Me

Which Veet product is right for me?

Looking for a hair removal solution that will help you achieve salon results at home? Veet® offers a range of products specially formulated to give you touchably smooth skin! Whether you’re looking for products designed for precision for areas like your bikini line, convenient solutions to fit your busy schedule, or products that can give you long-lasting smoothness for up to 4 weeks, you’re sure to find a Veet® product that will fit your needs.

Wondering which product is right for you? Check out our guide below to learn more about how our wax strips and depilatory creams can help you achieve your hair removal goals!

Veet® Wax Strips

Easy to use, even when on the go, our Veet® wax strips can leave you with exfoliated skin and up to 28 days of smoothness!

Effective on hair 1.5mm or longer

Removes hair from the roots

Regular use can lead to fewer, finer and softer hairs growing back

Ready to use without having to warm up the wax

Specially designed Veet® wax strips available for precision areas like face, underarms, and bikini line

Veet® Depilatory Creams

If you want a quick, easy and pain-free solution for your unwanted hair, our Veet® depilatory creams might be the perfect option for you!

Our formula breaks down the proteins in the hairs so that it easily breaks loose from the skin

Contains added moisturizers

Hair is removed just below the skin surface so hair regrows with rounded tips, feeling softer to touch

Enjoy smooth skin for longer than you would after shaving

In-shower creams available that contain water resistant ingredients

Remove unwanted hair in just 3 to 6 minutes*, without hard work or complicated procedures

Wide range of hair removal creams available designed for specific areas, including legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and face

*Times vary, depending on product version. Please read and follow all instructions and never leave the cream on longer than the recommended time.

Veet® Sugar Wax

For the ultimate self-care session, our Veet® sugar wax is the perfect solution to pamper yourself and achieve salon results at home!

Leaves you with smooth, touchably soft skin for up to 28 days

Can be heated easily by putting in the microwave for 40 seconds (depending on wattage) or 10 minutes in boiling water

Comes with a specially-designed precision spatula that tells you when the wax is the right temperature

Made with only 5 ingredients of 100% natural origin

Fabric strips can be reused by washing in water and air drying

Show off soft, smooth skin to the world with the help of our Veet® products! Choose the solution that best fits your hair removal goals, and be sure to read and follow all label instructions to achieve the best results.