Get Spring Break Ready: Delving into 5 Types of Bikini Wax Styles

Get Spring Break Ready: Delving into 5 Types of Bikini Wax Styles

A group of 5 happy women with different types of bikini wax dancing in their swimsuits on a beach together.

Spring break is almost here!

Whether you’re planning on soaking up the sun on the beach or enjoying pool parties with your friends, you want to feel empowered to say, “Here I Am!” Don’t let your bikini line hold you back from wearing the swimsuits that make you feel your best!

Bikini waxes are great for anyone looking for full control over their bikini line. They provide long-lasting, smooth skin for up to 28 days. If you’re curious about getting a bikini wax in time for spring break but don’t know where to start, keep reading to find the perfect style for you!

Types of Bikini Wax Styles

Ready to ditch your razor for a wax? The good news is that you have a variety of tried-and-tested styles to choose from. You have to consider your preferred look, how much coverage you want, and whether you’re looking for salon or at-home hair removal.

Bikini wax styles can be similar, so it’s important to understand the differences between each style (what is a French vs. Brazilian wax? What’s the difference between a bikini wax vs. a Brazilian wax?).

Finding your perfect shape is all about knowing the difference between styles and choosing the one that makes you feel your best.

Here are 5 popular styles that’ll help you reveal as much or as little as you want.

Classic Bikini Wax

Think of the classic bikini wax as a “tidying up” of the hair that could be visible when wearing a swimsuit. The Classic keeps your hair from peeking over your swimsuit but leaves enough for coverage.

Our Veet® PURE™ Sugar Wax Kit – Argan Oil is made with 100% ingredients of natural origin and offers high-quality hair removal that leaves you with moisturized skin and a PURE feeling.

Full Bikini Wax

If you’re looking for a little bit more hair removal, the full bikini wax removes hair along your bikini line and further down your legs.

If it’s your style, you can choose to shape your remaining hair into a patch or triangle.

Classic and full bikini waxes are great options for new waxers and those looking for at-home hair removal. Pro Tip – Veet® waxes and creams make at-home hair removal a breeze!

Full Brazilian Wax

The full Brazilian wax is about taking everything off the front and back. The Brazilian removes all the hair from your bikini line, front, and back for a totally bare look. You also have the option to leave a small strip or triangle. 
While the Brazilian is great for anyone planning to rock a thong bikini or who just wants a smooth finish, we highly recommend you do your wax at a salon.

French or Landing Strip Wax

Want the bare look of a Brazilian wax in the front but not the back? A French wax removes the hair from your bikini line and front except for a thin “landing strip.”

Like the Brazilian, we recommend getting your French wax at a salon.

Hollywood Wax

Looking to take everything off? The Hollywood wax removes all the hair on your front, in between, and back.

Because the Hollywood involves waxing more intimate and harder-to-reach areas, We highly recommend you do your Hollywood wax at a salon.

Want to DIY Your Bikini Wax? Here’s a Quick Guide

While we do recommend getting your French, Brazilian, or Hollywood wax done at a salon, there’s no reason why you can’t do your classic or full bikini wax at home!

Veet® keeps at-home hair removal easy with our Professional™ Wax Strips for Face, Bikini & Underarms.  Made with soothing almond oil and designed for all skin types, our wax strips leave your skin silky smooth for up to 28 days.

Learn how to wax like a pro in 3 easy steps:

1. Prepare Your Skin
*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.

To make sure your skin doesn’t react to the product, do a patch test at least 24 hours before to avoid a skin reaction.

For a clean and easy wax, you’ll want your hair to have grown at least 1.5mm before waxing. Make sure your skin is completely dry and free of any oils or lotions.

Find a comfortable spot that allows you to cross, bend, and stretch your legs.

2. Start Waxing

Apply the waxing strip in the direction of hair growth with the EasyGrip™ tab facing downward.

Hold your skin taut with one hand and with the other hand, quickly pull the strip back. The quicker you pull, the more hair you’ll remove.

3. Don’t Skip On Aftercare

If your skin is red and sore, don’t worry– that’s totally normal! You should still take some steps to avoid long-lasting irritation or ingrown hairs. Check out our post-wax do’s and don'ts.

Curious about what other Veet® products can help you get your perfect wax in time for spring break? Browse our line of hair-removal products that will help you rock your bikini line, your way.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.