How to remove facial hair with Veet products

How to remove facial hair with Veet products

Facial Hair Removal Tips Smooth Skin

If you have facial hair you don’t particularly want anymore—from rowdy looking eyebrows to upper lip hair—and you’d like to remove them, where do you begin? Veet® products are pretty ideal for getting rid of the unwanted hair, shaping brows, and maintaining the smooth, hair-free face you want.

Ahead, we’ll go through hair removal methods and how to remove facial hair with Veet products.

What are the common methods of facial hair removal?

Like removing hair anywhere else on your body, facial hair can be removed via a number of different methods. There are a lot, but let’s look at the most common methods for at home.


Waxing is a great way to get long-lasting hair-free skin. It lasts much longer than other methods because wax (hard or soft) pulls hair directly from the follicle rather than cutting the strand down like other techniques.


It’s a rite of passage to pluck and over pluck your eyebrows as a teenager and young adult. Tweezing, like waxing, pulls hair from the follicle rather than breaking the strand. However, breaking the strand is possible with tweezing, so try to pull hair as close to the skin as possible.


Next up we have shaving, which is one of the fastest ways to remove hair period. Whether it’s with a disposable razor or an electric one with blades you switch in and out, shaving helps remove hair from the strand or the skin’s surface. It’s not the longest lasting option but it is fast.

How to remove facial hair at home with Veet® wax strips

Before you begin waxing, your hair must be the appropriate length for waxing. Because waxing pulls right from the hair follicle, rather than closer to the skin like shaving or hair removal cream, the wax needs to grab hold of the hair to remove it. If you have sensitive skin, try Veet® Professional™ Wax Strips, Face, Bikini & Underarm, For Sensitive Skin, with Almond Oil.*

  1. Test patch. Like you would with hair removal cream, do a patch test, especially for sensitive skin. That way you’ll be able to know if a product is right for you.
  2. Prep the area. If your test patch yielded nothing concerning, prep the area you’re waxing, making sure it’s clean and dry.
  3. Apply wax strip to the skin. Begin by applying one strip to skin in the direction of hair growth. Rub along the strip and make sure the wax adheres. Hold tab and skin taut. Pull the strip back onto itself in one swift motion.
  4. Wax in sections. Depending on how much hair you’re removing and where, one or two strips may suffice, but wax in sections in any case.
  5. Aftercare. Hydration is key after waxing. Apply SPF and stay out of direct sunlight for a little bit.

Watch our how-to video guides to perfect your waxing technique

How to remove facial hair with Veet products
* Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label before use.