My First Hair Removal

My First Hair Removal

My First Hair Removal

Deciding to begin your hair removal process is exciting! But like anything new, it can also seem overwhelming. No need to worry, your first hair removal doesn’t need to be a challenge. With the help of Veet®, navigating your first hair removal will be simple!

From your legs, under arms, upper lips to bushy brows, the location of your desired hair removal will help determine what hair removal product is best for you to use. Veet offers a wide range of both 

 and  to choose from.

Before beginning your hair removal process it is important to exfoliate! Exfoliation allows you to start with a blank canvas. By exfoliating your skin you are ensuring the hair will grow all the way through, preventing ingrown hairs, for the best removal results.[1] Exfoliating also removes any dead skin making the hair removal process so much easier![1]

If you decide that wax removal is your method of choice, it is best to start small. Complete a patch test on the desired area to ensure your skin doesn't have a reaction to the product.[2] Once you have allowed 24 hours to pass following your patch test you can begin your at home hair removal.[2] Choosing a small area, like your upper lip to start, may help you as a new waxer to build a tolerance to the waxing sensation. Veet has a large variety of waxes to choose from such as 

 and even a line dedicated to sensitive skin! With convenient pre-cut strips, you are able to navigate your first hair removal with wax strips with ease and enjoy up to 28 days of smoothness. Always ensure you read the label before using the product and follow directions provided closely to maximize your results!

And if waxing isn't for you, Veet has excellent options in 

.[4] Creams can assist in covering a large area in a smaller amount of time than using the waxing strip product. For example,  , is a great option for hair removal on your legs & body! As always, it is important to complete a patch test with the hair removal creams. After you have tested the product, following all application instructions, your hair removal process is ready to commence!

A third option for your first hair removal is shaving! Shaving is a simple and popular hair removal process for removing unwanted hair on your legs and under arms. However, shaving is not a recommended hair removal process for any area on your face. Never dry shave. With the use of a razor, it is important to use a shaving cream or gel to avoid razor burns.

A hair removal routine should always be fun and enjoyable. Make sure to find a product you like and read the instructions carefully to get the best results. Trust yourself and the hair removal process because when it’s all done you’ll be left with silky, smooth, hair free skin!