5 ways to make hair removal cream more effective

5 ways to make hair removal cream more effective

Person squeezing Veet® Gentle Finishing Cream into their hand.

Hair removal cream is an excellent, pain-free, and fast way to remove unwanted hair. If you want smooth skin without the increased risk of getting bumps, nicks, or ingrown hair that shaving may cause — but you’re not quite ready for waxing — then hair removal cream is the product for you.

Here, we’ll run through how hair removal cream works, and the 5 ways to make hair removal cream more effective. If you’re already a user of hair removal creams, these tips are still for you to make sure you’re getting the most of this method of hair removal.

How hair removal cream works

Hair removal creams are also known as depilatory creams. Unlike waxing, hair removal creams don’t remove hair from the follicle in the skin, but rather break it down on the surface. It’s a lot like shaving in that way, except without the razor and potential of nicks.

Hair removal cream can begin to work from 2 minutes** and take up to 10, depending on the product and where it’s placed on the body. The cream works to break down the hair strand into a jelly-like consistency that can easily be wiped away or scraped, especially if you’re using Veet® ProfessionalTM Full Bikini Hair Removal Cream Kit*. After, the results you’ll be left with are soft, smooth skin.

5 ways to make hair removal cream more effective

Using hair removal cream is pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. Here are five simple tips to make it work even better as part of your skincare routine.

  1. Patch test. Even if you’re not a first-timer, there’s merit in patch testing hair removal creams 24 hours before doing a full removal, especially if you’re using a new product. You’ll be able to avoid any irritation and know how well the product works for you.
  2. Exfoliate. Using an exfoliant on your skin 24 to 48 hours before applying a hair removal cream will help remove oil or dirt on the surface area.
  3. Don’t exceed the maximum time. Achieving smooth, soft skin with hair removal cream is a fantastic option—just remember that it’s most effective when not left on for too long. Leave the cream on for the allotted time and then remove it.
  4. Wipe, don’t rub. Remove using a scraper spatula or a cloth, followed by a warm damp cloth to get off any excess. Use a gentle wiping motion to remove the product.
  5. Wait between applications. Because hair removal creams are like shaving in the way that the strand is removed, hair will still grow back faster than a method like waxing. Take a break between hair removal cream applications for hair growth before repeating the process.

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label before use.

**Veet® ProfessionalTM Hair Removal Cream starts working from 2 minutes. Other products may vary.