5 Spring Beauty Trends Revealed

A woman sitting at her make-up counter with different products and a make-up mirror on the table.

Spring's 5 Beauty Trends Revealed

Goodbye, frosty nights and hello blooming flowers — Spring is here! Brace yourselves for a joyful celebration of the season with Veet’s exclusive curated list list of 5 beauty trends**! With the temperature rising, it's prime time to rejuvenate your style, beauty rituals, and body care routine. Discover the fresh makeup looks, flirty aesthetics, and soothing skin care routines for body and face alike.

Explore the expert insights Veet Canada has carefully curated below on revamping your look and staying ahead of beauty trends**. From the hottest runway makeup looks to the trendiest body skin care routines, we've got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Spring into action and unveil your most radiant self yet thanks to Veet’s round-up of the hottest beauty trends**!

1. Balletcore

Get ready to channel your inner ballerina because Balletcore is stealing the spotlight! But don't worry, no actual pirouettes are required. This elegant beauty trend** centres around graceful silhouettes and soft pastel colours inspired by ballet costumes.

Looking to elevate your look with a touch of this timeless beauty trend**? Try incorporating dreamy, pastel shades of pink, white, and creme. Experiment with a high ballet bun, or slip on a pair of pointe-inspired shoes with ribbons that elegantly tie around your ankles.

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2. Skin Streaming

Wave goodbye to the tedious 10-step routines, and brace yourself for the refreshing wave of skin streaming! Skin streaming involves condensing your entire regimen down to just three or four powerhouse products that deliver maximum impact.

And guess what? This minimalist mindset isn't stopping at your face—it's extending its reach to body skin care too! With innovative products like Veet® Professional™ Underarm Hair Removal Cream*, you can transform your body care routine into a breeze.

3. Peach Fuzz

No, we're not talking about the delicate, soft hairs that grow on your body and face. This beauty trend** centres around colour, not hair.

This fun and flirty colour was named Panatone's colour of the year for 2024 and it's easy to see why. This warm and playful hue is a stunner and works equally well as a blush or eyeshadow hue.

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4. ‘90s Makeup

Break out the frosted lipstick because '90s makeup is back! To tap into this retro beauty trend**, break out your cool pastel and pale blue eye shadows.

Lip colours can go one of two ways — frosty and pale or rich, deep taupes and browns. For your base, try a matte look with a pop of pink blush and skinny brows if you dare.

Achieve a flawless canvas for makeup application with Veet® Professional™ Wax Strips, For Face, Sensitive Skin, With Almond Oil*, ensuring smooth, long-lasting results.

5. Shorts

Get ready to show off some major leg this season because shorts are back. But don't worry, leave the jorts in storage, this time around the beauty trend** centres on polished, tailored fits with luxe fabrics.

Try pairing a structured wool short with a favourite blazer or blouse. To keep your legs shorts-ready, at-home waxing is an affordable and effective addition to your body care routine.

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Let's Get Glowing!

As the warmth of spring air drifts through our windows, it's time to emerge from hibernation and embrace the season with a fresh outlook. Whether Balletcore has you dancing for joy or Peach Fuzz fills you with a joyful warmth, these recommended beauty trends** will allow you to truly shine this spring. Glow on and bloom into your most stylish and authentic self this season!

*Ensure this product is right for you. Always read and follow the product label.

**Veet Canada did not create these trends and it is Veet's recommendation/curated list.